Our Client List

We take up challenges on behalf of our clients. We are proud to be associated with them, and they are happy to be associated with us.

High Performance Computing

We are one of the leading HPC experts in the country and have implemented High performance Computing setup and parallel filesystems from small 4 node clusters to over 100 node clusters. Our internal expertise has helped our clients to design, implement and successfully run HPC clusters, that have regularly exceeded their expectations.

Virtualization and OpenStack and OpenShift Cloud

We have successfully helped our clients to migrate from individual server setups to Virtualization and Private Cloud setups comprising of a few (3-4) computes to hundreds of computes. We have worked on various flavors of Virtualization and Cloud like VMWare, Xen, Redhat Virtualization, RedHat OpenStack, Canonical OpenStack and Redhat OpenShift.

Managed Services

Critical systems require constant support in order to be up and running with no break in services. Our team of well trained engineers are always at the services of our customers, to reduce their IT concerns. From Operating systems, to middleware to high end infrastructure setups, from onsite to remote, at all levels, we ensure that customers do not have to worry about their infrastructure.


Our team of SAP HANA experts help in implementing and support of SAP HANA for our clients. Installation, upgrade and support for SAP and SAP HANA infrastructure to quickly put the system into production is our forte.

Linux and OpenSource

One of our greatest passions has been to promote and support Linux and OpenSource. In this endeavour, we have created a niche with our clients by providing solutions based on Linux and OpenSource. Be it simple mail solutions and file server solutions or solutions like Samba based Domain Controllers or realtime storage replication using DRBD, all our solutions were tailor made for the client requirement and budget. Add to it, the strong and dedicated support component, we pride ourselves in having a very satisfied list of customers.

Security Services

Cyber Security is an important aspect of any organization. We have provided services on assessing and consulting on security to a number of our clients both in India and Abroad. From Vulnerability Assessment to Penetration Testing and Security Consulting and configuration of Firewall and UTM devices, we have worked with our clients to give them the right that has helped them secure their infrastructure and applications.