ACME (Advanced Cluster Management Engine)

A Single Interface HPC Deployment and Management Solution

  • High Performance Computing infrastructures can be very complex in building and maintaining as they involve multiple components, including Hardware, Operating System, HPC stup components, Workload Managers etc. Even the most advanced system administrators are intimidated by this complexity.

  • Developed by TIS Labs Private Limited, ACME lets you administer clusters as a single entity, provisioning the hardware, operating system, and workload manager from a unified interface.
  • ACME’s affordability, ease of use, and exceptional technical support make it easy for even those with only basic knowledge of HPC to install, maintain and scale their HPC inrastructure.

  • Be it adding mltiple compute nodes, creating and assigning workload queues, managing the users in the HPC environment, the whole process is extremely intutive and requires only basic level of expertise.

OEM Agnostic

  • Installs on all Server Platforms
  • No special hardware requirements

Based on CentOS/RHEL

  • Robust and time-tested Operating system
  • Clean and simple installation

GUI Based Deployment and Management

  • Simple and elegant frontend
  • Customized OS with small footprint
  • All features accessible through Web UI

Customization and Support

  • Additional customizations available on request
  • Support for OS and Cluster from expert team


  • Intuitive methods to add/delete nodes in the cluster
  • Workload Manager bundled in
  • Handle multiple clusters in one UI